Hello world: welcome to my new life!

Hi there!

My name is Kerrie and I am in the middle of a transitional stage in my life. For the past eight years I have been Auntie Kerrie — the adoring Auntie who doted on all of her nieces and nephews. And reveled in the fact that I was the cool auntie who came to play and always brought treats and presents. That was my identity and I absolutely loved it! But now I have gotten a little older and I found the man of my dreams, settled down, and got married. And now that the honeymoon period was drawing to a close, the natural next step was starting a family. And so, seven months ago, my husband I became the proud parents of one beautiful baby girl we named Aaliyah. And so now I am transforming from the young and hip Auntie to responsible and loving Mommy. A very welcomed transition, but like a decade ago when I became an Auntie, this is a whole new world for me. So this Blog is my diary/journal documenting my transformation from Auntie to Mommy.

There are so many new things for me to experience and try. And I am ready for the challenge. Each week I will take you through the trial and error process of my personal transformation using pictures, videos, and anecdotes. I will share my family traditions, recipes, holiday crafts, and shopping trips with all of you in an attempt to illustrate my version of becoming a Mother. One thing I have learned so far, is that no one really talks about the bumps and bruises they receive along the way. So it comes as a huge shock when we are going through it for the very first time. We have all had the feeling that we are the only ones struggling, but that’s not true. So this is my attempt at showing the messy parts that go hand in hand with the not so messy parts.


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