My Choice to Breastfeed

Before I begin, let me just say that I do not have an opinion regarding which method of feeding is the best. There are pros and cons with either. So it really comes down to which one fits best with your Mommy Identity and your lifestyle.

Breastfeeding wasn’t something I was all that familiar with before I got pregnant with my daughter. I could’ve counted on one hand the number of things I actually knew about the subject. And I knew even less about formula feeding. But I was determined to follow in my mother’s footsteps, because she had breastfed me and my little brother. So like the naive twenty-something I was, I made the decision to breastfeed my daughter despite the little information I knew about it. Bottom line, I knew I could change my mind at any time.

In an effort to determine just exactly what I was getting myself into, I enrolled in a Breastfeeding 101 Class through my hospital. I wanted to be as equipped as possible going into the process as possible, because I knew that a lot of women give up early. And I was glad I took the class, because I learned so many great things that could through the process if I chose to take that route.

In the end, I decided to stick with my original decision to breastfeed my daughter. And the reasons for my ultimate decision you might be asking yourself. Well first and foremost, if it was good enough for my mother, then it’s good enough for me. Second, I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to bond with my daughter. I really wanted to be able to experience the closeness that breastfeeding gives a mother and her daughter. Third, I really liked that I was able to personally deliver nutrients that she needs. As well as help develop her immune system. And last, I loved the convenience of it. No bottles, formula, water, mixing, etc. with all the things I have to pack in my diaper bag – I was all too happy to eliminate the possibility of several more things to remember or forget to remember.

So, breastfeeding has become a huge part of my Mommy Identity. I can also honestly say that it has been a very rewarding part of it too! I feel like it is a huge accomplishment to have made it 7 months, especially with how tough the first few days were.

So make your choice Breastfeed or Formula feed your baby. Just make sure you make the best decision for both you and your child. Don’t make it for anyone else. Only you know what’s right for you


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