Being Prepared: Mama Kerrie’s Guide to Packing the Diaper Bag

The Mommy Diaper Bag is one of the most difficult things to prepare in the beginning.  It’s hard to figure out just how much to pack.  And if you’re like me, you’ll probably over pack your bag.  Which is unfortunate, because then you’ll end up with a bag like Mary Poppins that is stuffed full of odds and ends; that leaves you with a sore shoulder from lugging it around.  Don’t get me wrong, I definitely recommend being over prepared when it comes to your baby. My theory is its better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.  Within reason, that is.  Here are some recommendations for what are the true essentials for your diaper bag.

Mommy Diaper Bag:

  • Diapers (1 for every hour you’ll be out)
  • Baby Wipes
  • Changing Pad
  • Burp Cloths (3 or more)
  • Nursing Cover (if breastfeeding)
  • Extra set of Breast Pads
  • Bibs (2)
  • Blanket
  • Change of Clothes for Baby (I keep 3 sets, because my daughter has a lot of accidents, and a naked baby is only cute in Gerber commercials)
  • Mommy Kit (Thermometer, Band aids, Nail Clippers, Tweezers, Neosporin, baby sunscreen, Oragel)
  • Extra Shirt for mom

2 thoughts on “Being Prepared: Mama Kerrie’s Guide to Packing the Diaper Bag

    • That is so true. Your diaper bag content will always be evolving and changing. And make sure you adapt it according to your child’s needs. For instance, my daughter never really drooled, so I stopped packing bibs. But now that I’m feeding her solids, I’m back to packing them again. This is just a starting point.

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