Family Traditions – Following in grandma’s footsteps

Growing up, we spent most Thanksgivings with my mom’s family. They are incredibly fond memories for me and my brother. The food, the fun, and the family. Up until recently, I didn’t participate in the preparation of our family Thanksgiving dinners. My grandma did most of the cooking with some help from my mom and my aunts.

About eight years ago as my grandma started getting older, I began helping her prepare her pies. Mostly, I peeled, cored, and sliced the apples for her, because it bothered her hands. I wasn’t ready for much more than that. I could barely boil water at the time. So I watched and learned and participated in the process. After a few years I began to feel comfortable with the whole process. And little by little, I began to partake in the pie making process. And now, I do most of the work and have been for about four years now. So every year, the day before Thanksgiving and on Christmas Eve, I go over to my grandma’s house for a morning of pie making. We have a big family, so we make a total of six pies; blackberry, apple, and pumpkin.

I really enjoy these days with my grandma. We spend a lot of the time talking. I get to hear stories from my grandma about her childhood and her family. Things I didn’t know before and wouldn’t have learned if I didn’t spend these days with my grandma. Our pie tradition has many benefits; two of which I feel are the most beneficial. First, I am learning a skill from my grandma that I can pass on to my daughter and so on. I’m keeping the tradition alive. And second, I am learning about family ancestors I never had the chance to meet or know well. It’s great. Something I look forward to the day when I get to do it with my granddaughter. Hopefully later than sooner, it you know what I mean.



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