Think Before You Speak: I’m tired, uncomfortable, and overdue

I remember having these exact same feelings right before Aaliyah was born làst August. Sarah hit the nail on the head. It’s amazing how insensitive people can be even when they mean well. Good luck to you Sarah. It’ll be over before you know it. And soon you’ll be holding your beautiful baby in your arms, and it’ll all just be a terrible memory.

Sweet Lil' You

Phone calls, text messages, e-mail, facebook comments…..they keep coming through with questions, questions and more questions.  I figured it would be easier to answer them here, than 1,975 times on all other forms of social media.

Please note: This post is exceptionally snarky.

#1 “Have you had the baby yet?”   NO!!  I have not had the baby yet.  With her due date still over a week away I think it’s safe for us to all chill out a bit and allow nature to take it’s course. Don’t worry, I wont keep it a secret when I DO give birth. There will be announcements on Facebook, and twitter. E-mails and phone calls will go out.  Especially to family and very close friends.  YOU WILL KNOW when I have this baby.  I Promise.

#2 “How do you feel?”  I feel amazing, like I could run a marathon!  SERIOUSLY?  I feel like crap…

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2 thoughts on “Think Before You Speak: I’m tired, uncomfortable, and overdue

  1. Thank you so much! I know I need to take the comments with a grain of salt, but dear lord they can be annoying! Especially coming from other moms who have been through it.
    Thanks again!!

    • Believe me Sarah. I completely understand. I had to turn off my cell phone and stop using facebook for a few weeks, because I kept getting bombarded with messages. My daughter was over a week overdue by the time my doctor scheduled my induction. I was so miserably uncomfortable. And I had worked all the way up to my due date, because I didn’t want to be sitting at home waiting to go into labor. And yet there I was. But just know that the end is in sight and your ultimate reward will be better than you ever imagined. I can certainly promise you that! From the moment I held my daughter in my arms, I forgot all about the terrible stuff. You’re almost there!

      And thanks for sharing. I thought I was horrible for feeling that way just before she was born. It’s good to know you’re not the only one.

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