Easter Egg Wreath

Now that I am a Mom, I feel the need to be more festive at each holiday. Even the small ones that seem to pass without notice. I have been getting so excited about decorating the house and planning activities. I know that my little lady is too young to really enjoy it just yet, but I feel like it is good practice for my husband and me. This way, by the time she is old enough to understand, we will have some great family traditions of our own developed. I have found that developing family traditions of our own is incredibly important for me at this point. I feel like they will help my husband and I shape the person that Aaliyah will become. They will leave an impression on her like my family’s traditions did on me.

One of my holiday projects this year has been creating festive wreaths for our front door. This is the wreath that I created for our front door for Easter. It was really simple and very cheap to put together.  I modified a the tutorial that I saw on the mom and wife blog.  SO check it out if you are feeling crafty.

I have also been collection subway art pieces for each holiday as well.  They are an easy way to get festive without making a mess or any real effort.  I just upload the files to Shutterfly and order large matte prints.  Then I frame them and hang them around my house.  This is the one I picked out for Easter.  I hung in above our fireplace last week.  You can find this print at Landee See, Landee Do in 8 x 10 or 5 x 7.  Michaels is a great store to find cheap picture frames for this project.  And they look great around the house.  Something fun.  An easy way to get festive without really committing.



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