A Tooth Emerges or Make that Three!

For the past four months I have been dreading the teething stage. I had heard so many horror stories from other mothers and fathers. It just sounded like a horrific stage to go through. The hardest part is that any baby can begin teething at any time. So there was no telling when our nightmare would begin.

For the past three months, every time Aaliyah got the slightest bit fussy or exhibiting any unusual behavior, George would declare that she had to be teething. He was just so sure. I wasn’t so quick to go down that route, because there are so many other logical reasons why she was being fussy.

Lately, in the back of my mind i have known that we were nearing the typical teething stage. But I’ve secretly been hoping that maybe Aaliyah could be a little behind schedule with this milestone. My hopes were dashed on Friday night when she began gnawing on my finger. I could feel a hard lump on her upper gums on the leftside. My Baby Girl was getting her first tooth. The poor thing. Hindsight being 20/20, all of the signs had been there. We had just overlooked them, because of all of my husband’s previous false alarms.

I tried to point out the lump I had felt with my husband, but for some reason he couldn’t seem to find it. Figures, right? But I knew it was there. The funny thing is the next afternoon we were at a Birthday party, and my husband spotted not one but two white bulges in our daughter’s lower gums. That’s right, Aaliyah was cutting three teeth at the same time! What a champ. I couldn’t believe it. I felt so terrible for her. Her first experience with teething, and she’s forced to endure three at once.


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