The Walking Debate

Aaliyah’s first steps – it’s one of the major milestones that my husband and I have been waiting for. It has been in the back of our minds looming. Once she takes those first steps, she will never be dependent on us to get around. Soon after that, she’ll always be on the go. It’s easy to see she’s extremely curious and will be getting into everything. And considering my husband hasn’t quite finished child proofing our house, Aaliyah’s first steps need to be later than sooner.

I should probably begin by telling you that my husband and I rarely agree on history, timelines, or predictions. It keeps things interesting for us. We’re constantly placing stakes on when things will occur or how they occurred. It’s kind of our thing. Needless to say, predicting when Aaliyah will take her first steps is no different. George is convinced that she will be walking in the next month. That’s right, he thinks Aaliyah will start walking sometime during her eighth month. Which we all know is extremely early. And while I do believe our Baby Girl is an overachiever and ahead of the curve, I do not think she’ll be setting that type of a record. I honestly think she will begin walking during her ninth month. Which is still pretty early.

So now is when things begin to get interesting in our house. Now that we have taken our stands, Both he and I will begin to lure people to our sides. We’ll will break down her every move and try to use it as evidence that she is on trend with our own predictions. It can all get pretty comical.

You all might be thinking that with all these predictions, that we’re going to miss out on all the fun leading up to the milestone. But that couldn’t be farther than the truth. We cherish every single day we have with our little lady. If anything we probably hypersensitive to her transition to walking. I wouldn’t miss any of her changes for the world. She is that special!

So stay tuned to see which one of us was right about Aaliyah’s first steps…..
George = anytime before May 11
Kerrie = May 12 – June 11

Tell us about your baby’s first steps. How old we’re they when they first began walking.


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