Four Generations of Women

Stories like these just make me smile. Family is the most important thing. I am so happy to see other people taking advantage of the time they have with their grandparents and great grandparents. We all like to think that they will be around forever and we still have time. But the truth is, you can never get this time back. And memories like these will last a lifetime. That is why I take Aaliyah by to see her Greats every weekend. I love to see my grandparents’ faces light up when they see her. There is nothing like it!

little rays of sunshine

I cannot express how beyond thankful I am that my grandmother lived long enough to get to meet her great granddaughter.  She is the only living grandparent I have left, and it brings me so much happiness to see how excited she is about my little girl.  We were able to introduce Karis and my grandmother, or GG for great grandmother, last week at her home.

It was such a special day!  GG just gushed over her great granddaughter and had to show her off to everyone we passed on the way to the dining room from her apartment whether she knew them or not.  Karis did a great job letting the cute old ladies and gentlemen ooh and ahh over her.  My favorite moment was when an elderly chap met Karis and said with the best southern drawl, “well hey there shhhhuuuga’!” (that’s how you say “sugar” in the…

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