Decorating for Springtime!

Now that Easter has come and gone, it’s time to change things up around the house. I love to keep the house decorated, because it keeps me cheery on my drab days. Unfortunately, it’s too soon for me to break out all of my patriotic stuff. So it’s time to improvise. Since I don’t have a garden, I don’t have flowers at my fingertips to keep around the house. It took me a little while to get inspired, but I finally came up with a few ideas.

The other day I stopped by our local hardware store to pick up a watering can, and I grabbed some paint swatches to make a garland to hang across our windows. They are the perfect size to make a garland, which eliminates all that cutting. So I picked out some fun pastels in pink, purple, blue, and green and brought them home to play with. And this is what I came up with. All I used were paint swatches, ribbon, scissors, and a hole punch. Now look how festive my windows are.

Then I used my favorite website Pinterest to find some cute spring themed Subway Art. I like to print them up and put them in large picture frames to hang around the house. I find that it’s a cheap and easy way to spruce things up. These are the ones I chose.

I found this one on the Smile Like You Mean It blog.

I hung this one in our kitchen. I found it in a blog called Today’s Fabulous Finds – Tomorrows Treasures

I am still working on an idea for a springtime decoration for our front door. I hate to have it bare. I like to have something that screams “Welcome to our home.” That will be my project for our Monday visit to see my brother. I just love projects!


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