Family Trip to the Sandbox

This weekend we are taking our final trip of the riding season out in Glamis. It’s beginning to get too hot to go riding out there. George and I are taking Harley and Aaliyah out to the sandbox. My parents are going to be joining us. I am really excited to get away. Even though I don’t get to ride nearly as much as I used to, I enjoy getting away. It’s just so nice to relax and do absolutely nothing. And now that my parents go out with us, it’s easier to relax and let go. My dad hangs out with all the guys and my mom plays with Aaliyah.

My dad is really excited to take his golf cart out now that he has the roll cage for it. It’s great to see my parents have such a great time out there. I never thought that they would enjoy anything like this, but they have been hooked. They came out for the first time last October, and they have joined us on every trip since then. By our second trip, my dad bought the golf cart and brought it along. So now they have a little vehicle to ride around on. It’s great to see the two of them have so much fun. Especially my mom. She needs a little fun.

So I’m getting us all packed up and we are going to be heading out tomorrow night after I get off work. It’s going to be a really late night, but at least I can sleep in the back with Aaliyah. So stay tuned, because I will be posting pictures from our trip.

Happy Wednesday!



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