Finger Food Experiment – Cheerios

I am going to be honest, I have been struggling with feeding Aaliyah solid foods. It’s been tough. We started off really strong with rice cereal and carrots. She seemed to know exactly what to do. And then I got sick. I had to go on antibiotics, which forced me to stop breastfeeding. So we tried introducing formula unsuccessfully. Long story short – I had to stop the antibiotics, because Aaliyah refused to eat. But ever since, she has turned her nose up at everything I have tried to feed her. Even the sweet stuff. So I scrapped the whole thing and decided to wait a little while. At least until the scars weren’t quite so fresh.

On her last doctor’s visit, Aaliyah’s pediatrician said it wasn’t all that uncommon for babies to skip puréed foods. She recommended skipping to finger foods that Aaliyah could feed herself. She thought that Aaliyah might be more receptive if she could feed herself. I have let this advice resonate a bit, because I just wasn’t sure. But my mom has been saying for a few weeks now, that I should try giving her Cheerios. She thought Aaliyah might like them.

Last night after dinner, I took a quick trip over to Target while my husband, Aaliyah, and Harley all took a nap. I couldn’t sleep. While I was wandering through the store, my mother’s advice popped into my head. And I thought to myself why not? So I grabbed a box of Cheerios and headed home.

This morning was filled with menial tasks – nothing special. While I was making some bread for dinner, I decided to try putting Aaliyah in her high chair and giving her some Cheerios. She just started at them at first. And then she began to play with them. But not long after that, she began putting them in her mouth. She missed a lot, but it was entertaining to watch. I had to take a video of it on my phone so I could send it to my mother. She was right, as usual. But I was amazed at how long she sat there. It must have been at least an hour. Maybe longer. I finished my bread and potted some more vegetables for our garden. I just kept moving her chair around to wherever I was.

I am excited that our first experiment was successful. I’ll have to try again tomorrow. Happy Sunday!


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