Mommy Project – Cell phone charging caddy

We have been struggling with Aaliyah’s newly developed mobility. She is no longer tentative in her movements. She seems to go full speed ahead all the time. She doesn’t seem to question the consequences of her actions at all. She just goes for it. And I know that she is only eight months old, and she’s too young to understand. I do not have any unrealistic expectations of her. We just are having a difficult time Aaliyah Proofing the house. For instance, the other night while I was pumping, she was playing on the floor in front of me. Her new favorite thing is pulling everything out of the bins on her shelfs. And I mean everything! So I had placed a plastic bin filled with her old clothes in front of the shelf to block it. She decided it wasn’t enough to keep her away from what she wanted. Before I knew it, she had pulled herself up onto the plastic bin. My crazy little girl, she’s got a mind of her own.

For the past few weeks Aaliyah has gotten into everything that she is not supposed to. My husband baby proofed all of the obvious stuff, but it’s the things that aren’t quite so obvious that she finds. She loves pulling on chords, closing doors, climbing over the arms of the couch, and pulling herself up onto things. She’s so active. Slowly but surely, George and I are learning to head her off at the pass. It’s a learning process.

So I am forever on a quest to make our house safe for Aaliyah yet functional for George and I. My dilemma this week is keeping my cell phone charging chord out of her reach. It’s a problem that has been really bothering me. I stumbled upon a picture of a cell phone charging caddy that someone had made on Pinterest. Unfortunately, the link was outdated. But I managed to find another one online on the Make It and Love It blog that was linked to a tutorial. So today I put together a cell phone caddy of my very own to use in my bedroom.

It only took me about an hour to do, because I messed up the first one. And then it took a few hours to dry. But by the end of the day, I had a new cell phone charging caddy. This was what I came up with. You only need a few materials: empty lotion bottle, scrap of fabric, modge podge, paint brush, and scissors. This project combines two of my favorite things – crafting and upcycling!


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