Mother’s Day Gift: DIY Picture Flower Pots


We’re celebrating Mothers! I never feel like I tell my mother how great she is enough. I am always trying to tell her and show her how special the is to me. That’s why this week I am sharing ways to celebrate the wonderful women in our lives. Both my mother and my grandmother love flowers and gardening. So today we are going to create picture flower pots. They are super easy, but a little time consuming. But they are really cute gifts.

Clay Flower Pot & Dish
Acrylic Paint (color of your choice)
Picture(s) mother & daughter children, etc.
Modge Podge glue
Foam paint brushes

First paint clay flower pot your desired color. This will take several coats of paint. I recommend you let each coat dry before applying another one. Otherwise it will take longer to paint thoroughly. Set pot aside to dry.

Trim your photo or photos to the desired size. Once your pot is dry, choose the placement you want for you pictures. Once you have determined the placement, apply a healthy layer of modge podge on the back of your photos and apply them to your pot. Make sure all of your corners are smoothed out and there are no bubbles. Set aside to dry.

When the glue beneath the pictures has fully dried, it’s time to apply more modge podge across the entire surface of your pot. Apply a generous amount everywhere, even over the top of your picture(s). Even apply modge podge on the bottom and the top of the pot. Set aside and allow to dry.

I added a ribbon accent to the rim of my pots. So next trim your ribbon to the right size. Apply a healthy layer of modge podge to the back of your ribbon. Attach ribbon to the rim of your pot. Using your finger or your paint brush, smooth out any bumps in your ribbon. Set pot aside to dry.

Apply another layer of modge podge over your ribbon and around the entire rim of your pot. Set pot aside to dry.

Lastly, pick out your loved ones favorite type of flowers and plant them in your beautiful creation. And don’t forget to water it.


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