Aaliyah’s First Steps

IMG_4890My husband and I are pretty competitive. We are also fairly opinionated. We tend to turn most things into a debate. It’s pretty comical most of the time. It mostly keeps things interesting. Our daughter’s projected milestones are no different. We both seem to think that we know when they are going to occur. And just to see who is correct, we write them down for bragging rights. You are all probably thinking that this is silly, but it’s kind of our thing. Our daughter’s first steps were no different. We began talking about it several months ago. George thought she would be walking at 8 months, which we all know is impossibly early. But I let him believe that he was right. I told him it would be closer to 9 months at the earliest. Well, I’m happy to report that my baby girl started walking two weeks ago and at 9 months old!

Nine months old and she took her first steps. It was a Monday evening, and I was standing in my bathroom with Aaliyah at my feet. George was sitting o the bed across from us, just a few feet away. Aaliyah was being a little fussy that night. It was nothing out of the ordinary. I was brushing my teeth, and she decided that she needed to be held. She pulled herself to a stand and was holding onto the side of the vanity. She was pulling on my shorts to get my attention. I stepped back so she wouldn’t pull them down. Then she frantically began following me around the bathroom with one hand stretched out. One step after another while squealing to get my attention. She finally lunged forward and grabbed onto my leg for support.

I couldn’t believe it! She had just taken about seven steps on her own. I squealed with delight and scooped her up into my arms and kissed her all over. I looked over to my husband to see his excitement, and saw him typing on his cell phone. He missed it! Her first steps, and he was busy text messaging someone!!! I couldn’t believe it! Actually, I could, but still he was right there and he missed it. That wasn’t a dig by the way. For those of you who don’t know, my husband works for a mobile service company, so his life revolves around the cell phone. So it’s really true, that he misses out on a lot, because he is on his phone.

I spent the next few days trying to coax Aaliyah into walking again to no avail. On Wednesday night, I had to work as usual. Fifteen minutes after I had left the house, George sent me a text message saying that Aaliyah had walked across the livingroom, from the television to the couch. I was so upset. I had missed it this time, and it left a hole in my heart. It really bummed me out. I asked him to get a video of it if she did it again. Within ten minutes, he had sent me a short video of her casually walking through livingroom. It brought joy to my heart and kept me going all night at work. I thought I would share it with you, because it is a little comical.

Sine then, Aaliyah has slowly began the process of mastering her mobility. She is trying to navigate her newly found skill. And I am trying to keep up with her. It is only a matter of time before she begins running. Time for me to start getting back into shape!


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