New Years Resolutions – 2013

Happy New Year! It’s officially 2013 and the possibilities are endless. I am not really one for making resolutions. I actually think it’s silly. Making promises you don’t intend to really keep. Seems a little futile. But this year I feel the need to make some personal changes. Things that can only make my life better. I have to start being proactive, because I want to be healthier. My eating habits are the only aspect of my life that I feel like I completely fail at. This frustrates me most, because I am trying to instill healthy habits in my daughter. I would like to help reinforce them by practicing the same habits. So here are my resolutions…

My New Year’s Resolutions 2013
1. Give up soda (namely Coca Cola)
2. Give up fast food (anything that has a drive thru)
3. Lose 40 pounds
4. Read 5 new books
5. Learn Spanish

Ambitious, I know. As I am looking at my list of resolutions, I am feeling a little sick to my stomach. I envision myself failing within the first week. At least with the first three. The other two aren’t quite as difficult. I am optimistic though. If I can somehow achieve some balance in my daily life, I might be able to lose the dreaded forty pounds. Hopefully in six months or so I will be announcing that I am going shopping for a new smaller wardrobe! Wish me luck!!!


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