A Very Merry Christmas Celebration

Merry Christmas to you all from the Garcia family! I truly hope that you and your families had a wonderful time together. We most certainly did.

IMG_6589George and I began our morning pretty early, because Aaliyah rose before the sun. So we didn’t have much choice but to get up early. No matter, I think George was really excited about unveiling Aaliyah new kitchen that we got for her. He’s been itching to give it to her. So much so, that he wanted to set it up three weeks ago. He’s silly. But she loved it! He made a good choice. It’s going to be difficult to peel her away from it.

We rushed over to my parents’ house to open presents with them, my brother, Krystal, and Shelby. The entire livingroom was rearranged and littered with piles of presents. Shelby could hardly wait to get started. My mom fried up some bacon and made blueberry muffins. And I baked some of the Pioneer Woman’s delicious cinnamon rolls. Yum!

IMG_6599The next hour was a blur of tearing wrapping paper, squeals of delight, and the display of brand new presents. Aaliyah was fixated on a Minnie Mouse tea set her grandma got for her. She kept trying to get George to drink tea with her. priceless. And Shelby was in a hurry to open everything! It was fun watching the two of them go. Just as we were finishing up, my step brother and step sisters and their families arrived. And then the chaos ensued! Ten kids under age 10 running wild and opening presents. My stepdad bought everyone pogo sticks for Christmas. He loves to give the obscure gifts. Very entertaining! Two years ago he got them all stilts.

DSCN0008My mom and I had to rush off to my grandma’s house in the early afternoon. We had to prepare for all of the family to arrive. The day before, they had decorated my grandparents’ add on with Christmas lights and Christmas decorations. We were going to eat in the midst of their construction site, since it was supposed to rain today. Cute idea. My mom and I got the tables set and started the mashed potatoes, broccoli casserole, and sweet potatoes. My Aunt offered to cook the turkey this year, so we weren’t quite so stressed this year. It was really nice.

DSCN0020The family began to arrive around 3:30. Late as usual. We were supposed to eat at 4:00, but I know that it would be closer to 6:00. Dinner was a success and everyone stayed warm despite the lack of walls. The room was warm and filled with conversation and laughter. I love those moments every holiday – when you look out at your family and you can see how much they’re all enjoying themselves. It makes all the work worthwhile.


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