Fall Shenanigans – Apple picking

IMG_6060You all know how much I love dreaming up new ways to force my family to hang out together. This year I thought it would be fun to go apple picking in Glen Oak. I dream things up in my head, and then I pray my family won’t shoot them down before I finish my proposal. Aaliyah is running around now, so I figured it might be fun for her. Believe it or not, my family didn’t completely hate the idea.

IMG_6101So yesterday, George and I packed up Aaliyah and we drove up to Glen Oak with my mom, Cory, Krystal, and Shelby. The air was crisp and it was a little chilly. We found a few farms who were still amidst their U-pick apple season. It was busy. Apparently I am not the only one who forces their family to spend quality time together.

IMG_6077It took a little time for everyone to warm up to it. Especially George and Cory. But eventually they both took charge of the apple picker and pulled apples down. Shelby picked out what apples the guys should pick. And helped my mom and Krystal bag them. Aaliyah had more fun chasing the bruised apples Shelby kept throwing on the ground. I even caught her trying to eat one. My chubby little monkey.

IMG_6121We toured a few farms and watched families press apples to make apple cider. It looked like a lot of work. Aaliyah ran up and down the rows of the orchards. My mom bought some apple butter and we watched the hay rides. There were so many things to do. It was difficult to choose what we wanted to do. We did tour the petting zoo in the center of town though. Shelby loves animals, so that was an easy decision. Aaliyah fed her first goat. Which was pretty comical, because she wasn’t sure what to make of the whole situation. Not to mention, she likes to do things on her own terms and the goat wasn’t willing to wait to get the food from the palm of her hand. Priceless!

We spent most of the day in Glen Oak. It was an amazing family day. The best part was I won everyone over. Even my husband enjoyed himself. He’s always the hardest to persuade. I’m so excited, because we have a new fall family activity for each year. Plus, I have so many apples for baking! I have compiled a dozen of apple recipes from my friends and family, and I can’t wait to try them all out. Yummy!

Happy Fall everyone!


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