Hey there Santa, remember me?

IMG_6259Christmas is upon us and it’s time for a visit to Santa Claus. Last year’s visit was priceless! Despite having to endure shots at the doctor’s office, Aaliyah was in good spirits. She didn’t fear the great big man. She let him hold her and even had a smile the whole time. Especially when she grabbed a handful of his long white beard. He handled it well. I was so mortified.

IMG_6247This year I was unsure about what she might have in store. We dressed her in her new Christmas outfit headed back to South Coast Plaza. My mom, Krystal, and Shelby met us at Santa’s Village. It’s our new little extended family tradition. Aaliyah was in very good spirits, but we weren’t sure what she would think of Santa Claus. When it was her turn, it was clear she was not about to sit on his lap by herself. So this year we had a family picture with Santa. George, Aaliyah and me all sitting on Santa Claus’ lap. Silly, I know. But I didn’t want to force her into tears by making her sit on a stranger’s lap.

IMG_6243    IMG_6280    IMG_6287

Afterwards, Aaliyah and Shelby got to ride the carousel twice. Then we made a trip to the Disney store before dinner. It was a great night. Especially since we were all home and in bed by 8:30. That’s so rare!



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