New DIY Blogger for Parenting OC Magazine

20130107-224341.jpgI’m kicking 2013 off with a brand new gig! I just signed on with Parenting OC magazine as their new DIY blogger. And I am really excited. This is a whole new chapter for me and I can’t wait!

So here’s the scoop on my new blog….

It’s going to be an extension of this blog, but completely dedicated to DIY tutorials. It’s called Adventures in Motherhood and Crafting. Twice a month I will be releasing new projects that are fun and creative to help spruce up your life and your home. The blog goes live on Wednesday, January 15th. It can be seen on the Parenting OC website. Plus I will release the link to you all as soon as it is officially launched. I am going to be dreaming up completely different projects from the ones I make for this blog, so make sure you check it out. Plus, I will also do some posts that connect with each other. It’s going to be great. So check me out at Parenting OC Magazine

Stay tuned….


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