DIY – Tin Can Vases

IMG_6616Happy New Year everyone! We’re jumping right into the crafting, because I’m just not ready to have an empty house just yet. I have decided that we are going to replace all of our Christmas decorations, rather than leaving a bare naked house. So I have been busy putting together some new wintery decorations. I been so inspired, and so I just had to get to work. I have made a monogrammed wreath for our front door, a lighted burlap garland for our living room, and some vases our entry table.

IMG_6620Today I have prepared a super simple and cheap tutorial for all of you. You see it’s been really cold here in southern California lately. So we have been eating a lot of soup to warm us up. I had a surplus of tin cans lying around the house. This project was perfect, because it helped me recycle some of my tin cans. Today, we are going to be making some twine wrapped tin can vases. They are super easy, and I am thinking about using them as centerpieces for my sister-in-laws bridal shower this summer. She’s doing a cute rustic theme with lots of burlap and wildflowers.

So let’s get started!

Twine Wrapped Tin Can Vases


-Empty Tin Cans, rinsed and minus the label
-Ball of Twine
-2″ wide Ribbon, any color
-Hot Glue Gun

We’ll begin by gluing our twine to the can. First determine which side of your can you want to be the back. Place a small dollop of glue on the base of your can. Place the end of your twine in the glue and hold in place for a moment.


Begin wrapping your twin around the can. Periodically place a small dollop of glue on the can to hold your twine in place.


Continue wrapping your twine until you have wrapped the entire can. When you reach the top of your can, place a long strip of glue and a large blob on the end the end of your twine in place.

          DSCN0085               DSCN0088

Next, decide where you want to place your ribbon. I chose the center. Place a strip of glue on the end of your ribbon and hold it in place at the back of your vase.  Wrap the ribbon around the can and cut your piece about 2″ longer than needed. Fold the frayed in under and add a healthy strip of glue to the backside of it. Pull your ribbon tight and hold the end down in place so glue can begin to set.


You are finished! There are some other elements you can add if you like, to embellish your vase. But I am going for simple and clean.


Buy some pretty flowers and find the perfect place to display them!


If you are interested in making a monogrammed burlap wreath of your own, I have prepared a tutorial for my Parenting OC magazine blog Adventures in Motherhood and Crafting. So check it out.

Happy Crafting!


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