Working Out a Nap Time Routine


Up until this point, I have tried to go with the flow. I have never wanted our lives to revolve around schedules, because life is just way to messy. It’s almost impossible to keep them up. Plus, I didn’t want to force Aaliyah to do things if they weren’t necessary in that moment. Makes sense, right? Well it did in my head.

Recently I have begun to see the downside of my logic. Aaliyah had been getting herself overly tired, because she won’t nap more than twenty minutes at a time. And it’s leading to some major meltdowns. I found myself trying to figure out what to do to rectify the situation. I didn’t think it was a lack of sleep, because I thought if she was tired she’d fall asleep. And that wasn’t happening. I spoke to one of my best friends Bonnie. She’s my rock, because she’s seen it all when it comes to parenting. She told me I had to get a nap time routine going. She said it would be difficult the first week, but it would get easier and pay off in the end.

Well, I took her advice. I usually do. And I am on day two of week two. Last week was rough. She cried and cried, then kicked and screamed. Eventually she always fell asleep, but it usually took about thirty minutes to an hour to do so. But today was the day! I laid her down, and she cried for a few minutes. But then about ten minutes later I heard it – silence! She had fallen asleep!!! And without all the hysterical crying and thrashing around. I just couldn’t believe it. What had I been so scared of?

My baby girl took a nap! Now I just have to figure out what to do with may new free hour during nap time. Hooray!!!


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