Easter Egg Tree

IMG_2044Happy Wednesday everyone! Spring is finally here and March is well underway. St. Patrick’s Day is this Sunday, and believe it our not – Easter is only two weeks after that. It’s a busy month. Especially since all your kiddos will be home during spring break. Keeping them occupied and preparing for your family’s Easter Extravaganza will be no small feat. So I urge you all, in the name of maintaining sanity, plan ahead. Don’t be like me and wait till the last minute. I have prepared a few links for all of you to help get started.


IMG_0330Break out a pen and paper and take some notes. Little Fish Studios has made some cutesy little felt bunny finger puppets. Babyccino Kids prepared a fun little tutorial for some Bunny Masks to make with your little kiddos. And if you’re looking for another activity, Hostess with the Mostess has made some cute little bunny and chick treat cups. Craft Jr. has prepared some adorable pipe cleaner finger puppets. Now that we’ve got your little kiddos squared away, I’ve prepared a project for all of you. Today we are going to make some cute Easter Egg Trees for your mantle. So let’s get started!

Easter Egg Tree Tutorial


Styrofoam cone
4 bags of mini plastic Easter Eggs
Easter basket raffia
Tin Can (empty)
Hot glue gun
Pastel colored scrapbook paper


Using your hot glue gun, apply a healthy amount of glue to your styrofoam cone. With careful hands, apply a thick layer of raffia. Try not to burn yourself like I did. Continue until your cone is covered with raffia.


Now we’re going to cover our cones in Easter Eggs. Apply a healthy amount of glue to the back of each egg and apply them to your cone in a slanted pattern. To keep them secure, apply glue to the points where your eggs connect with each other.


Once you’ve completed your first ring, start on your second ring. This time add glue till the points the eggs connect to your new row. Continue this until your entire cone is covered in eggs.


Next, cover your tin can with scrapbook paper. Attach it with a few dabs of glue.  Once the glue has dried, we’re going to attach the tin can to your cone. Apply a very healthy amount of glue to the bottom of the tin can and the rim. Then quickly attach the can to the base of your cone.


Lastly, we’re going to finish it off by tying a cute little ribbon around the can. The finishing touch. We’re finished! Now display it with pride.


I hope you all are feeling a little more prepared for Easter. For more cuddly fun, check out my Adventures in Motherhood blog.



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