Celebrating Dads – DIY gifts & Father’s Day Wreath Tutorial

Hello friends and Happy June! I can’t believe this year is almost half over already. Seems like I was just making my New Year’s resolutions. Time flies! I’m happy to report I have actually been embracing my resolutions this year. But enough about me, because June is a very big month. That’s right – it’s the end of the school year for the kiddos, it’s also graduation season, and
it’s the month we celebrate dads! So we’re busy, busy, busy!

In the spirit of celebrating dads, I have prepared some links to help you create a fabulous Father’s Day for all those special men in your lives! I have also put together a fun little tutorial for a festive wreath for your front door. It’s the perfect decoration to help remind your pops that he is loved every time he comes home. It’s super easy, and we’ll have some fun putting that together later on. But first let’s review some links to great Father’s Day gifts you can make yourself!

IMG_0364So we have some awesome options to choose from when honoring our dads and grandpas out there. We have some very creative ladies! For all of those first time dads with beautiful baby boys The Gaines Gang has take a baseball and placed a tiny baby hand print on the ball. So cute and really easy! A great keepsake. Amanda’s Parties To Go has prepared some great templates for creating a Tie-riffic Father’s Day. All you need is some Dad’s Rootbeer and some scrapbook paper and you’re set. Crafted Niche has a new take on the diaper cake for dear old dad. Holiday Snobs have a cute subway art printable for you to frame and display as a festive decoration. So check them out and let’s show those men just how special we think they are! And now that’s get crafting!

IMG_2262Father’s Day Wreath Tutorial


-Large Styrofoam Wreath
-Yarn (any color)
-White Dress Shirt with pocket
-Wooden Letters (D – A – D
-Fabric Scrap 12″ x 12″ (any print or color)
-Hot Glue Gun


We’re going to begin by covering your wreath with yarn. You will need the wreath, yarn, and hot glue gun. Place a small amount of glue on the backside of the wreath and attach the end of your yarn. Begin wrapping the yarn around e wreath tightly, so you can’t see any styrofoam beneath the yarn. Periodically, place a dab of hot glue on the backside of the wreath to secure the yarn in place. Continue until the wreath is completely covered in yarn.


Next we are going to prepare our shirt collar…use the picture below for assistance.
1. Place your wreath on top of your dress shirt just below the collar.
2. Cut the excess shirt off 3″ below the wreath.
3. Now we’re going to trim the button strip down the front of the shirt. Trim along the shirt just outside the seam line, all the way up to the collar. Repeat this step on the other side of the strip, so it’s completely removed from the shirt.
4. Last, we’re going to remove the collar of the shirt. Continue trimming along the collar just below the seam line until the collar and button strip area completely removed.


When your finished, you should have the shirt collar and button strip completely removed from the rest of the shirt.


Next cut out the pocket of your shirt, trimming outside the seam.


Now we’re going to make our bow tie. Take your fabric scrap and cut it into four pieces:
They don’t need to be perfect dimensions, we’re just going to glue them
-long narrow piece 12″ x 2″
– short narrow piece 3″ x 5″
-small rectangle piece 6″ x 10″
-small square piece 6″ x 6″

Using your hot glue gun, we’re going to hide all of your raw edges. Fold in each of the raw edges of your Short Narrow piece and the Small Rectangle piece. Next take your long your Long Narrow piece and fold the long sides inward and glue them down.


To assemble the bow tie, place the long narrow strip beneath you small rectangle piece. Using your fingers, scrunch the rectangle piece together at the center. Next, using your glue gun, bind the two together by wrapping the short narrow piece around the center. Viola! You have your Bow Tie!

Now we’re going to attach the bow tie to your collar. Place a dollop of glue on the top button and attach the back of the bow tie to it.


Then, using your glue gun, attach the strap of your bow tie around the shirt collar.


Now that we have all our pieces, we’re going to assemble the wreath. Place a healthy amount of glue to the inside of shirt collar and attach it to the top of you wreath.


Once the collar is secure, take your button strip and pull it taught over the bottom of the wreath. Use your glue gun to attach it to the wreath.


Next, take your wooden letters and arrange them to the left of your button strip. Once you have them in your desired place, glue them down to secure them.


Last part. Take your remaining piece of fabric and puff it up like a suit handkerchief. And place it inside your pocket. Next, place glue along the backside of your pocket and secure it to the right side of your wreath in the middle.


Congratulations! You are finished. Now display your awesome wreath with pride, because I know dad is going to love it!




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