Jewelry Tray Tutorial

IMG_2108Spring is here! The sun is shining and each day is more beautiful than the next. I hope you all are ready for Easter, because it is just a few days away. My family has been gearing up for a spectacular day. I have plans to make the Pioneer Woman‘s super yummy gooey cinnamon rolls for our Easter family brunch.

This is a really busy time for all of us. Prepping for Easter and making plans to keep the kiddos busy for spring break. It’s a crazy time. Super crazy for me, because we have added moving to our list of things to do. Yep, we never do things the easy way. So we’re heading for a whole new beginning. It’s scary and exciting all at the same time.

Moving is always stressful, but once you’re finally settled it’s a glorious feeling. I have been busy prepping for our new place. We have a large bathroom with lots of counter space. So that means lots of space for my jewelry and hair accessories. I thought I’d share one of my projects with all of you. It’s a quick and easy jewelry stand for your earrings and rings. I also made a matching headband holder. You can check out the tutorial for it, you can find it at my Adventures in Motherhood blog. So let’s get started!

Jewelry Stand Tutorial


-Candle Stand (Ikea)
-Decorative Candle Tray (Ikea)
-Acrylic Paint
-Hot Glue Gun


This is a quick and easy one, so don’t blink or you’ll miss it! We’ll begin by painting both your candle holder and candle tray. Set them aside to dry.


Once your paint has dried, we’re going to attach them together. Plug the hot glue gun in and let it heat up. In the meantime, turn your candle tray upside down and determine the placement of the candle stand. Trace the circumference of the candle stand.

IMG_2103                    IMG_2102

When your glue gun is hot, add a healthy amount of glue to the top of the candle holder and attach it to the candle tray. Place a heavy book on top of it to hold it in place. Set it aside to let it dry.


We’re finished! Now you have a fabulous new jewelry tray for all you accessories. Display it with pride. I can’t wait to use mine!

IMG_2106                IMG_2111

Stay tuned. In just a few weeks, we should be all moved in and I’ll have another fun tutorial for all of you. Enjoy your Easter celebrations and the time with your families.




Drink Coaster Tutorial

IMG_1949Happy Wednesday everyone! Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and I hope that most of you aren’t scrambling last minute to get all your Valentines in order.  I thought today I would stray from the usual holiday crafts today, seeing how it would be a little ambitious to attempt a crafting adventure on the eve of this love-filled holiday.  In my illustrious procrastinating fashion, I will be shopping along with all of my kindred spirits on Valentine’s Day for a gift for my husband.  I do not recommend this, but I must stay true to myself.  This weekend, I chose to ignore the task at hand to prepare a house-warming gift for some friends who have just made their first acquisition.  Super exciting!

IMG_1952Over the weekend, I was flooded with the memories of buying our first house.  George and I were so excited! A place we could make all our own.  Our lives were filled with so much promise and expectation.  Naturally, I became inspired!  So I spent all weekend preparing a little gift basket for our friends as they begin their new lives together.  It’s nothing much, just some dishtowels, candy jars, and some coasters; but all made with love.  That’s the most important thing.  So in the spirit of giving, I have prepared a fun little tutorial for all of you.  I’m going to share how to make your own coasters out of terra cotta pot bases.  So lets get crafting!

DIY Drink Coaster Tutorial


4-6 (5”) Terra Cotta Pot Bases

Acrylic Paint (your choice of color)

Printed tissue paper or scrapbook paper

Modge Podge Glue

2 Paint Brushes

Clear Water proof sealant (Spray on)


Piece of felt

Hot Glue Gun

We’re going to begin by cutting your decorative tissue paper.  Using the bottom of your pot base.  Trace a circle onto the backside of your tissue paper.  Then cut out the four or six circles.  You may need to do some trimming around the edged to make the fit inside the base.


Next trim four or six strips of tissue paper about ¼” thick for the sides of your coasters.


Now begin painting your terra cotta plant bases.  Depending on your choice of color, you may need to apply a few coats of paint.  Set them aside to dry.  This shouldn’t take long.


Once your pot bases have dried completely, apply a coat of modge podge glue to the center of your post base.  Then lay one of your tissue paper circles on top of the glue.  Using clean hands, smooth the paper over the glue forcing any creases or bubbles to subside.  Repeat this process with all of your coasters.

IMG_1937                IMG_1938

Next, apply a layer of modge podge glue to the outer rim of your coasters and smooth a strip of tissue paper all the way around the perimeter.  Trim off the excess.  Repeat this process with the rest of the coaster.


Once the glue on your coasters have dried.  Apply a layer of modge podge glue over the surface of all of your tissue paper on each coaster.  Then set them aside to dry.


Once the glue has dried completely, spray the surface of your coasters with your water proof sealant.  Then set them aside to dry.


While your coasters are drying, cut out small circles of felt about a ½” wide.  Four circles for each coaster.  When your coaster have completely dried, using your hot glue gun, attach four felt circles to the corners on the bottom of each of your coasters.


And we’re finished!  Find a pretty ribbon to tie your coasters together, and you have a fun little gift for someone special.  Or you can just display your craftiness proudly on your coffee table for all your guests to see.  Why not show off your crafty skills! No need to admit it was something super easy you threw together with thirty minutes of your spare time! Wink. Wink.


And if your curious how to make those dish towels or candy jars, you can check out those tutorials at my Adventures in Motherhood blog.  And stay tuned…in just a few weeks I will have a fun new project that will speak to the Irish in you,

Tag Blankie Tutorial

Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope your week is going well.  When I last Wrote to you all, I spoke of the utter chaos that was engulfing the Garcia household.  Well, I am happy to report that things have begun to let up.  But we still have a few crazy weekends ahead of us.  This weekend we have a first birthday party and a baby shower as well.  I have been scrambling to put together a few baby gifts.  Since I have my sewing machine out, I thought I would share my little project with you all in case you find yourself in the same situation as I am.  I love handmade gifts, so I always try to prepare a little something with love.


The tag blanket is a wonderful asset for all mothers with infants. They can keep babies occupied and entertained for prolonged periods of time. Babies just marvel at the colors and textures. They love to pull on and suck on the ribbons. You can create some great blankies using a variety of prints, textures, and colors. They make great gifts for mothers-so-be. And it’s another project that will enable you to deplete your fabric scrap stash. You’ve got to love that! Enough talk – let’s get crafting!!!

Tag Blanket Tutorial

Materials Needed:

½ yard lightweight cotton fabric

20 pieces of ribbon with various colors, widths, & textures

(cut in lengths ranging 4”-8” long)

We’re going to begin by cutting our fabric and ribbons. Take your fabric, measure and cut two (2) pieces of fabric 13” x 13.”

Next cut your ribbon pieces. You will need twenty (20) pieces total. Cut them different lengths. I like to cut mine into 4”, 5”, & 6” pieces. I also like to use different color ribbons as well, to change things up.

Begin with one piece of your fabric right side up. Fold each of your ribbon pieces in half and pin them to the fabric, with the raw edges matching up with the raw edges of the fabric. Pin your ribbon pieces spanning the entire outer edge of the fabric. It should look like this once you’ve finished.

Once you’ve pinned all your ribbons in place, lay your other piece of fabric on top of the ribbons, right sides together. Pin your two pieces of fabric together.

Machine stitch around the outer edge of the square, leaving an opening about 3” wide. Make sure you backstitch at both the beginning and the end.

Remove all your pins. Then clip the corners at a 45 degree angle.

Next turn your blankie right side out. Use the point turner to poke out the corners. Fold under the ½” seam allowance on the top and bottom of the opening and press it with an iron.

Machine stitch a ¼” seam all the way around the outer edge of your blankie. Backstitch at the beginning and the end.

That’s right! You’ve finished your tag blankie. I told you this was a quick and easy project!!! That’s why they call it simple sewing for baby.

Here are some variations I have completed. Check them out. Get creative. It doesn’t have to be that same old boring blankie. That’s the beauty of making things yourself!

In a few weeks, I’ll have some great projects for you to prepare for Halloween.  In the meantime, Check out the October edition of Parenting OC magazine for a few kid friendly Halloween crafts.  I have prepared some fun things for you to make with your kiddos after school.



Halloween Crafts for the Kiddos

IMG_2777Autumn is in full swing, and my favorite holiday is just around the corner! That’s right, Halloween is just a few weeks away. It’s time to prepare those costumes, select your candy, and get ready for a fun-filled Spooktacular holiday. One of my favorite things to do every October is to decorate our house. And I mean all decked out! Not just the usual fake spiderwebs and Jack-O-Lanterns. Although we still do those as well. Each year I add a few more projects to my Halloween stash.

Some of my favorite memories as a kid center around projects my brother and I made with my mom. And of course, the messier the better. Pumpkin carving and baking pumpkin seeds are among a few of our family’s Halloween traditions. In the spirit of family togetherness, I have prepared a few projects for you to make with your energetic kiddos. Don’t worry guts–I chose some of my cleaner projects.

So true to fashion, just like in my blog Adventures in Motherhood, I have include a complete tutorial for each of these kid friendly projects. I know you’re dying to know what I’ve come up with, and unless you’re impatient like me, you haven’t read ahead to see. We’re going to begin by making some Ghostly and Creepy Crawly Sweet Treats. Then we’re going to make some Monster Candy Boxes. And finally we’ll be assembling some Eyeball Topiaries. Sound fun? Let’s get crafting!

Ghost & Spider Pops

– 1 bag of Lolipops (Tootsie Pops, Blowpops, etc.)
– 1 pkg. of Googly Eyes
– 1 pkg. of Black Pipe Cleaners
– 1 spool of 1/4″ Ribbon (cut in 6″ pieces)
– 4 pcs. White Tissue Paper (cut in 6″ x 6″ squares)
– Scissors
– Hot Glue Gun


Assembling the Ghosts:
Plug in your hot glue gun to allow it to heat up and set aside.

Start with one piece of tissue paper and one lollipop. Place the top of your lollipop in the center of your tissue paper. Drape the tissue paper down over the lollipop and gather it at the base.

Take a piece of ribbon and tie it in a knot at the base of the lollipop. Once your ribbon is secure, tie it in a bow.

Using your hot glue gun, place a dab of glue on the back of your Googly eyes and attach them to the front of your lollipop above the bow.

And you’re finished! Say hello to Casper!!!


Assembling the Spiders:
Plug in your hot glue gun to allow it to preheat and set aside.

Start with one pipe cleaner and one sucker. Take the pipe cleaner and wrap it tightly around the stick at the base of the lollipop. Repeat this step with three more pipe cleaners to create eight legs.

Using your hot glue gun, place a dab of glue on the back of a set of Googly eyes and attach them to the knot of black pipe cleaners. (The eyes should be facing toward the stick of your lollipop)

Next bend the tips of your pipe cleaners to create you creepy crawly spider legs.

And we’re done! Time to name your Spidey Pops!!! YUM!


Monster Candy Boxes


– 1 Kleenex Box, empty
– 1 set of Googly Eyes
– 1 set of sm. Styrofoam Balls
– 1 pc. White Foam Paper
– Acryllic Paint, any color
– Paint Brush
– Scissors
– Hot Glue Gun

Plug in your hot glue to allow it to preheat and set it aside.

Take your scissors and cut a hole in your Kleenex box in any shape you prefer – half circle, rectangle, square, etc. This will be your Monster’s mouth, so it’s your choice.

Paint the outside of your box any color you want and decorate it in any fashion you like. (Glitter, polka dots, stripes, etc.) Set it aside to dry.

If you want to have colored eyes, paint them now and set them aside to dry as well.

Time to cut some monster teeth! Using a pencil, draw some jagged crazy monster teeth. Then cut them out using your scissors.

When your paint has dried, use your hot glue gun to attach your teeth to the inside of the box.

Next, use your glue gun to attach your Googly eyes to the styrofoam balls.

Using your scissors, cut off a small slice of your styrofoam balls to create a flat side or base to them.

Using your glue gun, place a glob of glue on the base of your styrofoam balls and attach them to the top for your box.

And we’re finished! Time to name your new Monster Pal!!!


Eyeball Topiaries


– 1 sm. Terra Cotta Pot
– 3 (2-3″) Styrofoam Balls
– 1 Wooden Skewer
– 3 Googly Eyes
– 1 piece of newspaper
– Acrylic Paint (any color)
– Paint Brush
– Pipe Cleaners (any color)
– Hot Glue Gun

Let’s begin by painting your Terra Cotta pot any color you desire. And set it aside to dry.

Next, paint your styrofoam balls any color you wish. Set them aside to dry.

While your materials are drying, plug your hot glue gun in to allow it to preheat.

Once your pot and styrofoam balls are dry, use your hot glue gun to attach Googly eyes to your styrofoam balls.

Next, place a dollop of glue in the bottom of your pot on the inside. Stuff your scrap piece of newspaper inside of your pot.

Place a dollop of glue on the base of one styrofoam ball and attach it to the top of your pot.

Next, insert a 2″ piece of wooden skewer into the top of your ball, where you want to attach the next ball.

Place a dollop of glue at the base of the skewer. Insert your next ball onto the top of the skewer until it is flush with the top of the last ball. Repeat this step with the last ball.

Insert a 1″ piece of skewer into the top of the last ball. Place a dab of glue along the side of the skewer. Wrap your pipe cleaner around the skewer and twist it into curly cues.

And we’re finished! Find a place to put your fabulous Eyeball Topiary!

I hope you find the time to put together these fabulous monster projects with your little ones. Halloween will be here before we know it – so why not create some family memories. And for more fun-filled crafting tutorials, check out my blog Adventures in Motherhood. Happy Crafting!

Pillow Cover Tutorial

IMG_2455Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you all are enjoying your summer as much as I am. The sun has been shining constantly and we have been taking full advantage with barbeques, pool days, park trips, and even a few jaunts to Disneyland. Fall will be here before we know it, so there is no sense in wasting this sunny weather. Since we have been spending so much time outdoors, we have been sprucing up our patio outback. We have been trying to creating a nice peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

IMG_2459I am a huge fan of the upcycling movement. It’s one of the few ways I have managed to go green. My newest project has combined my love of upcycing with my sewing obsession. And I have created a new project for those of you who would like to do some sprucing up of your own. Today we are going to be making some pillow covers for some old throw pillows. They’re great for all of your indoor and outdoor furniture. I made some for the patio furniture on our new outdoor oasis. So let’s get started!

Pillow Cover Tutorial


Throw Pillow (any size)

2/3 yard of Indoor or Outdoor Fabric

3/4 yard of cording

1/4 yard of Cotton fabric (accenting color)

scrap piece of felt


Sewing Machine


Matching buttons (optional)


We are going to begin by cutting your fabric. The throw pillows that I am making covers for are 18″ x 18,” so all of my measurements will correspond with them. You may adjust your calculations to accommodate your pillow size. Just allow for a one inch (1″) seam allowance on all sides.

From Indoor/Outdoor fabric

Front Piece – cut one square piece for front surface 20″ x 20″

Back Pieces – Cut two rectangle pieces – 20″ x 15″

From Coordinating Cotton Fabric

Cut three strips – 2″ wide


First we will attach our cotton fabric strips together. Using your sewing machine, attach your three strips together at by each end, so you have one long strip.


Next, using an iron, press the seams flat on your strips.


Now, using your iron, we are going to press the raw edges of your back pieces of fabric. One each rectangular piece of fabric, along the long edge fold a 1/4″ of fabric over and press it with the iron. Then fold the fabric over one more time and press it with the iron. Your raw edge should be completely covered now.


Next, using your sewing machine, run a straight stitch along the edge of each rectangular piece of fabric to hold your finished edge in place.


Now we’re going to make the piping for your pillow. Wrap the seam side around of your fabric strip around your chording. Using a straight stitch along the side of your chording to encase it in the fabric.


Your chording should be completely encased in fabric when you are finished.


Next, pin your cording on the right side of your front piece of square fabric. Start at one of the corners, leaving an inch or so of extra chording hanging over the edge. Run the chording along the entire outer edge of the fabric. The raw edges of the fabrics should be matched up.

IMG_2439 IMG_2441

Next lay one of your rectangular pieces of fabric, right sides together, atop of the front piece. The finished edge should lay in the middle. Pin it in place. Lay your second rectangular piece atop of your square piece, so the finished edge overlaps the other. Pin it in place.

IMG_2443 IMG_2444

Next we are going to finish our pillow cover, by running a straight stitch all the way around the circumference of your pillow. Run the stitch as close to the chording as possible.


Turn your pillow cover right side out. And your cover is finished.


Now for the flower accent for your pillow.

-Using your indoor/outdoor fabric and coordinating cotton fabric, cut eight large circles (3″ wide) and eight small circles (1.5″ wide). You should have 16 circles from each fabric. 32 circles in all.

-Place one cotton circle on the backside of each indoor fabric circle.

-Fold the sides of your circles inward creating a petal.

-Using your needle and thread, attach your petals to your scrap piece of felt creating a circle.


-Next, do the same with the smaller circles on top of the previous layer.  You can add buttons to the center of your flower, if you like. It’s optional.


Our final task is attaching your lower to your pillow. Pick your placement and attach it to your pillow using a needle and thread.


Insert your pillow and toss it on your couch or patio chair. And sit back and relax and enjoy your craftiness.



It’s a Spooktacular Time of Year – Pumpkin Topiary Tutorial

It’s a Spooktacular Time of Year – Pumpkin Topiary Tutorial

IMG_3006Happy Wednesday everyone! October is already half over, which means Halloween is only two weeks away. Can you believe it? I certainly can’t. So let the scramble begin! This weekend, we finally decided that Aaliyah is going to be Doc McStuffins for Halloween. Now I just have to figure out how to make her costume….it’s a recipe for a stressful couple of weeks. But she is obsessed with Doc, so I’m going to make it happen. I’m sure you can all relate. The concept of moving heaven and earth to make your children happy is definitely not a new concept.

For those of you who have completed the whole costume dilemma and have moved on to decorating the house for the upcoming Halloween Haunt — I’m jealous. I have struck out on all accounts. Since the move, I have no idea where my husband has hidden away all of my Spooktacular decorations. And I haven’t had a moment to search for them yet. At this rate, I’ll be lucky to get them up the day of! I’m a mess.

IMG_3003I did, however, get the opportunity to complete a Bootastic project for all of you this weekend! I also took advantage of Aaliyah’s short nap time and made a new Halloween wreath for our front door as well. So we’re not completely void of any Halloween spirit. But enough about my shortcomings! Today we’re going to make a pumpkin topiary for your mantle or front porch. So let’s get crafting!

Bootastic Pumpkin Topiary


3 faux pumpkins
Black terra cotta pot
Orange Sparkle Paint
Black Paint (with a writing tip)
Exacting Knife
Paint brush
Hot Glue Gun


Begin by cutting a three inch hole in the bottom of two of your pumpkins, using your exacto knife.


On a papered surface, cover all three pumpkins with your orange sparkle paint. The more sparkly the better! (Make sure to paint the top of one of your pumpkins with a hole in it)


Once your pumpkins have dried, using a healthy amount of hot glue, attach your three pumpkins together. Stacking them on top of each other. Apply pressure until glue begins to cool and set up.


Once the glue dries, we’re going to decorate our pumpkins. You can do anything you like – paint faces, designs, or write on them. I chose to write the word BOO. Simple, but festive.


When the paint dries on your pumpkins, we’re going to use our hot glue guns again. Apply a healthy amount of glue along the inner rim of your pot. Set your pumpkin stack inside of the pot and hold it there for a few minutes.


Once the glue has dried, you are finished. So pick a spot and display your Bootastic Pumpkin Topiary with pride!



Celebrating the 4th – Hooded Towel Tutorial

Celebrating Our Independence Poolside – Hooded Towel Tutorial

IMG_0392Happy Wednesday everyone! i trust that you all had a spectacular Father’s Day celebration. Now that you’ve all survived, I’m happy to report that Summer Breakis finally here! I know so many of you parents out there are doing your own little happy dance. No more early morning drop offs, homework checks, or PTA meetings for three whole months. Can I get a Woo-hoo? Yeah! Now that we’ve gotten that out of our systems, it’s time to start preparing for our summer vacation.

IMG_0400In just a few weeks to kick off the summer break, we will be celebrating the birth of our nation. That’s right – it’s almost the 4th of July! I can already smell the sweet scent of barbecue and hear the squeals of children laughing. And I can hardly wait. I’ve stocked up on sunscreen and picked up some new swimsuits for the whole family. I have gathered a few resources for all of you to help get your Independence Day celebrations underway. My fellow crafters have been busy creating some spectacular patriotic projects. Our Good Life has created some cute Flag T-shirts using ribbon and ric rac. The Wilson World put together some really cute Tin Can Windsocks. A fun family project for your kiddos. Muffin Tin Mom whipped up some delightfully delicious Strawberry Star Cupcakes that are perfect for any celebration.

One of the biggest perks of living in Orange County is our beautiful sunny weather. Something I plan to take full advantage of this summer, with lots of time spent at the beach and poolside with family and friends. Today I’ve prepared a sewing tutorial for you. We’re going to make a cute hooded towel for your kiddos. It’s perfect for beach trips, poolside, and even bath time. You can never have too many of these. Aaliyah has six of her own and they come in handy.

Hooded Towel Tutorial

-Large Bath Towel (Target’s RE brand is perfect)
-Hand Towel (Matching)
-1/3 yard cotton print or Cotten flannel fabric
-Sewing Pins
-Sewing Machine


Begin by cutting your fabric into 3 strips 3 1/2″ wide.


Using your iron, fold the raw edges of the length of your fabric a 1/4″ and press them flat. The steam feature helps with the process. Next, fold one end under 1/4″ and press with your iron. Then, using your towel as a guide, lay your fabric on the towel and trim the unfinished edge 1/4″ longer than the towel. And trim the excess fabric. Finally, press the last edge inward.


The finished piece should lay perfectly along the width of your towel. Repeat these steps with the remaining pieces of fabric.


When finished, you should have two pieces for each end of your bath towel and one that runs the length of your hand towel.


Next, pin your prepared fabric in place using your pins. Pin one piece of fabric at each end of your bath towel about 4″ in from the edge. And pin the remaining piece of fabric running the length of your hand towel, about 1/2″ from the edge.


Now it’s time to sew. Run a straight stitch around the edge of each piece of fabric. The stitch should be about 1/8″ from the edge. Back stitch at the beginning and the end to seal the stitch. Repeat this step on each piece of fabric.


Next we’re going to assemble the hood. Lay your hand towel flat, fabric side down. Fold the edge with the fabric back towards you to create a decorative collar. And pin it in place. Next, fold the hand towel in half lengthwise. The fabric trim should be inside and pin it. Now run a stitch along the edge on the opposite side of the decorative trim. back stitch at both ends to seal the stitch. Turn your hood right side out and set aside.


Now we’re going to attach the hood to the towel. We’re almost finished. Fold your towel in half lengthwise and slide a pin into the crease to mark the Midway Point of your towel.


Next, lay your towel fabric side upon a flat surface. Now lay your hood on top of your towel. Match the seam line on the back of your hood with the pin in your towel. Pin your hood to the towel matching up the edges.


Now, using your sewing machine, run a straight stitch along the length of the base of the hood. Backstitch at both ends to seal the stitch.


And we’re finished! You now have your very own hooded towel for your own summer fun!

IMG_0390          IMG_0391